Advanced Life Support (ALS)

When higher level caregivers are recommended for inter-facility ambulance transfers or critical care transports, Guardian stands ready to provide support. Our ALS ambulances are staffed with at least one Paramedic trained in life-saving skills and protocols. These services go beyond Basic Life Support patients who require cardiac and critical care management.

About our Advanced Life Support (ALS) Service

An Advanced Life Support Ambulance (ALS) is staffed with at least one licensed Paramedic and an EMT. The ALS Ambulance is equipped with state-of-the-art heart and blood pressure monitoring equipment, pulse oximetry, IV pumps, oxygen delivery devices including a CPAP and advanced medications used to treat a variety of illnesses and provide pain relief. Paramedic(s) can defibrillate and perform other invasive maneuvers required in emergency situations such as advanced airway management, drug administration, and cardiac monitoring under the direction of a base hospital. Patients who typically require ALS transport include:

» Medical/surgical patients receiving continuous IV fluids
» Patients on a cardiac monitor
» Patients with potential airway compromise
» Any patient deemed to have a potential complication during transport when reported by the sending facility
» Life threatening medical emergencies (For example: stroke, seizure, or chest pain)
» Event Medical Stand-By

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